Register With An Exchange


The following instructions will walk you through the creation and verification of a account.  All Bittrex accounts must be verified before they can withdrawal funds.  We suggest that you only deposit funds and trade after you have been verified to avoid any frustration or confusion with the process.

  1. Click this link to visit the “Sign Up” page:
  2. Enter your email address into the “E-mail address” field
  3. Enter a password in the “Password” field.  Passwords must be at least 8 characters long and it is preferred that you use 12 or more characters to enhance your passwords security.
  4. Re-enter the same password in the “Confirm password” field.
  5. Please review the terms of service carefully.  Once you have read the terms and understand them, please check the box next to “I agree to the Terms of Service”
  6. Check the box next to “I’m not a robot” to prove you are human.
  7. Your screen should look similar to this once the information is entered:
  8. Click “SIGN UP” and you will then see the following screen:
  9. In order to complete the registration process you will need to open your email and look for an email from “Bittrex Mailer” with the subject “Bittrex Account Verification”
  10. Open the email and click the VerifyRegistration link.  The link will look similar to this:
  11. Once you have completed this process, you have successfully registered your account at Bittrex.
  12. You may now Click “Login” to access your account.
  13. Once you login you will be sent to the Basic Verification page, this page displays a “Warning About Deposits” – Unverified accounts cannot withdraw from Bittrex
  14. You will need to fill out all fields, Please make sure the name fields and birth date match your government issued ID exactly.  Please also use LATIN CHARACTERS ONLY.  Using characters other then Latin will result in a failed verification
  15. Once you have filled out all required fields press “Submit”  
  16. Please continue the sign up process by clicking the “Upgrade to Enhanced” verification.  You will need to complete this step before being able to withdraw any funds.
  17. After clicking “Upgrade to Enhanced” you will see the following page.  Enhanced verification requires you to take photos of your official government identification and a selfie to verify your identity.
  18. Please make sure to read the instructions closely and then click “Start Enhanced Verification” to begin the process.
  19. You will then see the following screen, please click “Start ID Verification”
  20. The next page will display the different ID Types you may use to Verify.  Please be aware that Passportsare almost always the better option to choose if you have one.  Click on the ID type of your choice.
  21. The next page will give you the option of using a webcam attached to your PC or uploading a photo.  You can take a photo of your ID using your phone or other camera and upload it if you do not have a webcam.  Please choose the method you would like to use.
  22. Depending on the option you selected you will be prompted with instructions on how to proceed.  Once you have submitted all information it will take a few minutes for the system to process your documents.  Please make sure to check any information on the screen for additional instructions should your verification have failed to process.



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